What to do when you move

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It’s part of life. Things change and people change careers/jobs. My fiance got a job offer at a place in the city and we had to relocate. When we moved I had to obtain my medical records from my OB. I had to sign a release to get my records because due to HIPPA, they’re not allowed to just give out your medical information to just anybody. They need your signature. It protects you from criminals. One tip I want to tell you is that you have to remember to tell them that you need the records as soon as possible and make sure that the date you get the records is sooner that when you need them. This will ensure that you will get the records on time. You have to also call them often to make sure that they are really processing your request. They have a lot of things to do and they get really busy so they won’t make your request a priority. I, unfortunately, didn’t get my records in time. They said they would call me when they were ready but they weren’t before I moved. I was already in another state before I got my records. I had to call them to make sure they were sent to the right address.

I also had my first sonogram before I moved so I had to get those records as well. What I didn’t realize was that I had to get the CD of the images they took from the sonogram. They don’t give you the CD if you don’t request it. When I tried to make my appointment for my second sonogram they said they needed the CD. Calling to make sure that my CD got sent to the new hospital I was going to took about 4 to 5 phone calls. I think it was a misunderstanding on all parties on what was the appropriate thing to do in this situation. When I relayed the information from Maryland they said I needed the hospital to send a request for the release of my medical information. Then the hospital said that they don’t send the request, it’s Maryland that needs to. So eventually I found out that since it is continuation of care, the hospital only needs to fax a request for Maryland to send my medical records over. Wow, that took longer than I expected. So now I know. If I ever have to go through this again then I’ll know what to do.

Besides all of that, you also need to make your appointments ahead of time. I didn’t do that and my appointment was a little later than I would I have wanted. Just make sure that the OB you want to go to takes your insurance.

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