I have listed here the supplies you might need to start a crochet project. I hope that this list is complete and that you find what you are looking for here. All of these links lead to where everything is very affordable and probably cheaper than what you find in a regular craft store in your area.

1. Crochet Hooks

Here I listed both brands that I use, Boye and Susan Bates.

2. Red Heart Super Yarn (Regular)

This link has multiple colors you can choose from. They even have the multi-colored yarn here. You get 244 yards with this.

3. Red Heart Super Yarn (Jumbo)

There are also more color choices when you click on this link. This is a better deal for those who would like to make doll making into a business. You get 365 yards with this.

4. Red Heart Yarn (Sport)

There are only a few choices on Amazon for this type of yarn. You can use this yarn for those small details in your work.

5. Zippers

6. Stuffing

7. Scissors

I love these scissors. They are so convenient and they also have a cover to protect the tip. Also, you will decrease the chances of poking yourself as well.

8. Darning Needles

These needles are convenient for sewing your pieces together. These are metal which is nice because the plastic ones tend to break when making dolls that are more complicated. The link here is for the clover and chibi brands. Either one will work.

5 thoughts on “Supplies

  • I was curious since there aren’t any pictures or actual links… Where do you tend to get your yarn from. Do you go to yarn stores or just craft stores such as Michaels or JoAnns? I was also curious about the zippers. Are those already small zippers or do you get full size zippers and cut them short? Lastly, I was curious about the eyes that you use. I had recently bought some craft eyes with washers but they all tend to be rounded and stumpier than the ones that you use. Do you buttons? I really appreciate all that you share with us. I am very excited to try and do these Sackboys/girls. I am already trying to come up with original designs so that once I get the hang of it, I can start to expand and do more.


    • For yarn I typically go to Michaels or Joann. But Michaels has a larger selection. I go to Joann for the zippers and if they have smaller sizes I get those. I go on Etsy and look up “shank buttons”. Those are the type of buttons I use because they are shiny and flat. The size shank buttons I get are about 20-21mm. Thanks for asking 🙂


      • Awesome. Thanks for your feedback. I have found pretty much all that I liked at Michaels although I did (like you said) go to JoAnns for some of these items. Sadly you just can’t get everything you want/need at the same places. I will look into the shank buttons because it’s true that flat are sometimes better than rounded. Right now I just have washer eyes or colored buttons (that I might use for eyes). Thanks for your great explanations. Can’t wait to try out more! PS. I tried your plain sackboy and he came out pretty good. I messed up on a few things so I had to change little areas but I really like how he came out. Can’t wait to try some of your other ideas. =D


  • When I started looking at the Red Heart website, I saw that they also make many other brands. I was wondering if you ever tried using the “Cream de la Cream” yarn. It looked softer than the other yarns which I think would make a great Amigurumi that wouldn’t make my skin ichy, but I know everyone has their tastes. I will try out the super saver because I am still learning as a noob, but I wanted to get your thoughts.


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