Incomplete Domo Pattern


1. With brown yarn. Chain 26.
2. 1sc in each sc for 11 rows.
3. Go around and create stitches along the entire perimeter of the rectangle. This is shown in the video. I ended up with 75 stitches
4. 1sc in the back loops of all the stitches for one row.
5. 1sc in each sc for 29 rows.
6. Sew the mouth on first.
7. Then make a rectangular piece that is 25 stitches wide and 11 rows long.
8. Sew the rectangular piece to the bottom.


9. With red yarn chain 18
10. 1sc in each sc for 9 rows.
11. Finish off.


12. With white yarn. Chain 5.
13. 1sc in each sc.
14. 2sc tog twice.
15. 2sc tog.
16. Finish off. Make 8 and sew onto mouth.

TOP AND BOTTOM PARTS OF MOUTH (Make this to blend the mouth piece onto Domo’s face. It will look better this way.):

17. With brown yarn. Chain 20.
18. 1sc in each sc.
19. Finish off and make 2. Sew onto the doll, above and below the mouth.
20. Chain 19 and finish off. Make two and sew onto the sides of the mouth.


1. Pick up stitches and make it look like a square.

2. 1sc in each sc and 3sc tog at the corners. For 2 rows.

3. 1sc in each sc.

4. Make a flap at the bottom just like you did for the body. Then stuff and sew.


For this I don’t have a pattern for the arms. Simply pick up stitches in the shape of a circle. Make sure that the arms match on both sides and are not too big or long.

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