Anime Patterns


5 thoughts on “Anime Patterns

  • Are you going to add any more anime patterns? I would love to buy some from Naruto!! Like Kakashi or Naruto! You do a really amazing job! I wish I could come up with patterns like you! I am new with crocheting stuffed objects! I was so proud when I finished a donut! ;p I really want to make someone from Naruto. I am starting off with your sackboy tutorial and seeing where I can go from there! 🙂 Thanks for all that you do!


  • can i use this pattern to make a giant totoro? with super chunky yarn or hand knitting yarn? do you think it could be done?


  • Good evening! I payed for the pattern with paypal, but unfortunately haven’t received any instruction or link to download it. How is it delivered after payment and how can i get it?


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