Anime Patterns


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  1. Ron Laux says:

    I love the YouTube, wish you update more lol,
    I love anime patterns.
    I want one so bad


  2. Merissa Gazarek says:

    Are you going to add any more anime patterns? I would love to buy some from Naruto!! Like Kakashi or Naruto! You do a really amazing job! I wish I could come up with patterns like you! I am new with crocheting stuffed objects! I was so proud when I finished a donut! ;p I really want to make someone from Naruto. I am starting off with your sackboy tutorial and seeing where I can go from there! 🙂 Thanks for all that you do!


  3. cathy says:

    can i use this pattern to make a giant totoro? with super chunky yarn or hand knitting yarn? do you think it could be done?


    1. You could probably use chunky yarn to make him bigger. The larger the yarn or crochet hook, the larger the doll will be.


  4. Ann says:

    Good evening! I payed for the pattern with paypal, but unfortunately haven’t received any instruction or link to download it. How is it delivered after payment and how can i get it?


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