Super Mario Mushroom

Materials Needed:

1. Here is the link to the Black Oval Safety Eyes
2. Green and Red yarn.
3. Size F crochet hook.
4. Darning needle.


*Remember to put the eyes in before you stuff the doll.* 

1. With red. 6sc in circle.
2. 2sc in each sc.
3. 1sc, 2sc in sc.
4. 2sc, 2sc in sc.
5. 3sc, 2sc in sc.
6. 4sc, 2sc in sc.
7. 5sc, 2sc in sc.
8. 6sc, 2sc in sc.
9. 7sc, 2sc in sc.
10. 8sc, 2sc in sc.
11. 9sc, 2sc in sc.
12. 10sc, 2sc in sc.
13. 1sc in each sc. For 9 rows.
14. 1sc in next 3 stitches. 2sc tog.
15. 1sc in next 2 stitches. 2sc tog. For two rows.
16. Change to cream color yarn. 1sc in each sc only in the back loops for one row.
17. 1sc in each sc for 7 rows.
18. 2sc tog until you close the gap.


19. With white yarn. 6sc in circle.
20. 2sc in each sc.
20. 1sc, 2sc in sc.
20. 2sc, 2sc in sc
20. 3sc, 2sc in sc.
20. Finish off and sew onto doll. Make 5.

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