Make Your Own Sackboy


KEY: sc = single crochet

1. Create a magic circle

2. Then create 6 sc in the ring. Then make a slip stitch with the very first stitch you created.

3. 2sc in each sc.

4. 1sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

5. 2sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

6. 3sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

7. 4sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

8. 5sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

9. 6sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

10. 1sc only in back loops (Do this for two rows)

11. 1sc in each sc (Do this for 10 rows)

12. 1sc in the next 2sc; Crochet two sc together (repeat for 5+ rows or until the hole is small enough; it cant be too small or the head will bobble too much.)

13. 2sc in each sc. (For one row)

14. 1sc in each sc; when you reach the marker, chain 1 and turn your work around. (Do this for 13 rows)

15. Sew the zipper on.

16. Continue crocheting where you left off from step 14. Chain two and then slip stitch on to the next stitch to bridge the gap.

17. For this row, crochet only in the back loops. Crochet two sc together.

18. Then for the rows after that, crochet two sc together until the hole is closed. If there is still a gap left, sew it closed.

19. Pick up 6 stitches where the arm should be. Make sure that you are crocheting from the outside and not from the inside (this would be more difficult to do)

20. 2sc in each sc all the way around. You should be left with 12 stitches in the end.

21. Determine where the top part of the arm hole is from the bottom. Crochet in the back loops for the top 6 stitches. Crochet in the front loops for the bottom 6 stitches. (Repeat for two rows)

22. 1sc in each sc. (For 3 rows)

23. 1sc then 2sc in each sc.

24. 1sc in each sc

25. Then make the fingers. Subdivide the opening to create four fingers (small cylindrical pillars). Pick up a few stitches for the thumb.

26. Pick up 7 stitches in the places you want the feet to be.

27. 2sc in each sc.

28. 1sc in each sc for 8 rows

29. For this row, crochet in back loops only. Crochet two stitches together. Do this for both legs.

30. Then crochet 2 sc together to decrease the size of the hole so you can close it up.

31. Put in the eyes.

32. Hide all the strings. You can do this by inserting them all into the body of the sackboy.

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