Crocheted Blue Birds from Angry Birds

This is my reference image:



  1. Blue, gold, dark purple, green, brown, black, white yarn.
  2. Scissors
  3. Stuffing
  4. Darning needle
  5. Size F crochet hook

Body/Head (Make 3):

  1. With blue. 6sc in magic circle. [6]
  2. 2sc in each st. [12]
  3. (1sc in first st. 2sc in next st.) Repeat around. [18]
  4. (1sc in first 2st. 2sc in next st.) Repeat around. [24]
  5. (1sc in first 3st. 2sc in next st.) Repeat around. [30]
  6. (1sc in first 4st. 2sc in next st.) Repeat around. [36]
  7. 1sc in each st around. For 5 rows. [36]
  8. (1sc in first 4st. Sc2tog.) Repeat around. [30]
  9. (1sc in first 3st. Sc2tog.) Repeat around. [24]
  10. (1sc in first 2st. Sc2tog.) Repeat around. [18]
  11. (1sc in first st. Sc2tog.) Repeat around. [12]
  12. Sc2tog. Repeat until gap is small enough to sew closed.
  13. F.O.

For the eyes:

  1. Use green for the first doll, brown for the second doll and dark purple for the last.
  2. Embroider the eyes with the black first then move on to their individual colors. Make the black part of the eyes circular and then border it with the colored yarn.
  3. Then surround the eyes with white. Make this an oval shape around the eyes. Make the pupils in the center so they look a little cross-eyed.
  4. Then border the entire eye with their colors.
  5. For the eyes I experimented with the distance they should be with each other. I made mine different distances so you guys can choose which one you’d like.



  1. Use gold for the beak for each of the dolls.
  2. Embroider a triangular shape for all of them.
  3. Place this close to the eyes or in between them.


For the feathers on head:

  1. Use blue yarn for this.
  2. You can do this more than one way
  3. You can use a continuous chain and sew this onto the head. Remember that the feather in the front is longer than the feather in the back.
  4. You can also make individual chains and sew them onto the head separately.
  5. Or you can attach yarn onto the middle of the top of the head and chain 9. Then make a slip stitch into the same place you attached the yarn to. Then make a slip stitch right behind the first feather you made. Then chain 6. Then slip stitch into the same place. F.O.


Tail feathers:

  1. You are going to do the same thing for the tail feathers.
  2. You just have make 3 of them. The middle tail feather is longer than the rest.
  3. You can use the same method as you did with the feathers on the head.
  4. For mine, the short feathers were 6 chains each and the long feathers were 9 chains each.