Glucose test at 30 weeks

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For this appointment I had to not eat or drink anything an hour before my appointment. Then when I got there they had my drink a small bottle of what tasted like fizzy Tang. If you guys haven’t heard of this, it’s a really sweet orange flavored drink. It usually came packaged in powder form. I was suppose to drink this within 5 minutes but since I didn’t drink anything about 1.5 hours before, I was thirsty and hungry. I probably finished it in about 50 seconds. It was really sweet and kinda irritated my throat a little. But that subsided.

After that I waited for a while before I was called in for my check-up. I was seen by one of the two doctors this time. They try to have you seen by all the doctors. This practice only has two OB doctors. I like this one because she was very nice and friendly. The nurse practitioner I had before was socially awkward. After my check-up the nurse came in took some blood and I was on my way. Results are suppose to be ready a couple of days. I hope I pass this test. If I don’t, they said they would call me. If nothing is wrong they aren’t going to call. Fingers crossed!

Update [3/12/16]: So it doesn’t seem like there’s any problem with my sugar levels. It’s been a little more than a week now since they have taken blood samples and they haven’t called me. It’s safe to say that I’m in the clear. Thank God! I was worried about this because my sister said that she failed her first glucose test and she had to take another one (which she passed). My sister had heard that Asians typically fail their glucose test so I was worried that I was going to fail it. Good thing I didn’t.

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