Crocheted PuppyCat from Bee and PuppyCat

I first heard about Bee and PuppyCat many years ago on YouTube. Back then they only had a few episodes and not many people knew about them. It’s a fun show that has anime themes. It’s a little odd but that’s the charm of the show. Now they have episodes on Netflix. It was so surprised that Netflix finally picked up the show.

So then I was inspired to make PuppyCat. Is he a cat or a puppy? No one really knows. But that’s why he so beloved right? If you would like to make him too, please check out my Etsy link here: Crocheted PuppyCat.

Quick and Easy Trick or Treat Bags

Here’s an easy one for Halloween. It’s that time of year again and this year I decided to finally make my kids a bag for Halloween. I made 3 of them and they have different looks to fit each child. If you are interested in making this bag here is the link: Halloween Backpacks.