Gas Pains or Contractions

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Just recently I have been feeling extra gas in my abdomen. On one occasion the pain started at the top of my belly and radiated all over the rest of my belly. When I stood up it hurt to stretch. I know this is going to be TMI for some of you but after I pooped the pain went away after a minute or two. I didn’t know what it was because I didn’t pass gas for the pain to go away. I was just relieved that it was gone.

After that I started looking up what it felt like to have contractions. Contractions feel like tightening of the muscles and you worry about this if this happens regularly. At this point you should call your doctor. My pain didn’t return, thankfully. I’m only in my 26th week so that would be very bad. I just hope I don’t feel contractions until much later.

I read that sharp pain is most likely gas so I should try to avoid gas producing foods. It was probably the spaghetti noodles that I ate that caused it or the raw tomatoes that I ate. Whatever it was, I’m not really sure what it was. I was feeling gassy before but it’s gotten worse now that I’m approaching the third trimester.

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