Make Your Own CatRat from Gabby’s Dollhouse

My kids love Gabby’s Dollhouse and I had to make another cat! It’s CatRat! If you would like to get the pattern please click the link to my store here: CatRat Pattern.

Shark Dog Pattern

Finally a new pattern finished! A friend of mine asked me to make Shark Dog. I never realized how popular this show was until she asked. My son had been watching Shark Dog that same day and I thought it was just a coincidence. But then I heard my daughter talking about Shark Dog at school with her friends. I had never made a shark before and I am glad I made him because he turned out so cute! I ended up making my son one and my daughter wants one too! If you would like to make him the pattern for sale is here: Shark Dog Pattern. If you end up making him, please send me pictures of your creations and I will post it in my next blog post. Happy crocheting!