5 Tips for making a good YouTube video

I’ve been doing YouTube videos for about 6 years now and I don’t claim to be an expert but I’ve been a viewer too and have seen difficult-to-watch videos on YouTube. I’ve also been trying to upgrade my videos but it costs money to do so. Sometime ago in 2010, YouTube gifted the top 500 YouTubers with $1,000 to buy better gear to improve their videos. This was their Christmas gift to them and I remember seeing this and thinking that it wasn’t fair that the top YouTubers got this money when other beginning YouTubers are struggling to improve their videos. A camcorder, a good mic, good lighting and the other extras cost a lot of money. The top YouTubers already make tons of money. I don’t get why YouTube doesn’t reward struggling YouTubers with gear. It should have been some sort of contest of some sort, but what do I know. I’m just a struggling YouTuber. But, I digress….

So, here are some tips to make good YouTube videos:

1. Mix, dissolve or crossfade

I’ve seen many a YouTube video that does this the wrong way. I’ve also been guilty doing this when I first started making videos. When you choose this transition you run the risk of not being able to be understood properly. This might turn off your audience. The audio from the last seconds of the clip will mesh with the audio at the beginning of the second clip. Try to space out your clips with some bits of silence at the end and at the beginning of clips if you want to use this transition type.

2. Background music

Sometimes the music can be louder than your voice. This is a common mistake among YouTube videos. It’s distracting and a little bit annoying when you have to lower the volume every time the talking stops and the music begins. In one video I watched the music was so distracting I switched to another one. Try to make the volume of your voice the same as your music. You can do this by using Audacity which you can download for free on sourceforge: Audacity. This application allows you to change the volume of your music to fit your audio. It can also change pitch and allow you to record.

3. Choosing a good mic

Choose a good mic if you want high quality audio. It’s hard to find a good affordable mic. Many of the good ones are over $100. If you are going to film outside it is best to invest in a good mic because the wind is distracting. Some may even stop watching your video because the wind does overpower your audio.

4. Talking speed

Try to speak normally but also try not to speak too fast. Pretend your’re talking to a friend and you’re trying to explain something or teach something. There was one video I was watching with my mom with a girl who was teaching us how to cook macarons. She was speaking so fast. Kinda like how I think a chipmunk would speak if it was given caffeine. That’s just way too fast. You would have to pause the video multiple times to even get the recipe or the ingredients she was using. Speak at a normal speed and enunciate your words. I know I have some trouble with this sometimes. I need to make sure my point gets across by making my words clear.

5. Video editing software

Find a good one that will make your videos properly. When I was using my mac I used iMovie and Final Cut. Those were by far the best video editing software I have used. My videos are clean without pixelation. I have Windows 10 right now which I don’t recommend you upgrade to btw. Windows 10 doesn’t support Windows Movie Maker. Now, I’ve used Window Movie Maker before with an older PC and that worked fine. I had to download Windows Movie Maker onto my fiance’s computer and it didn’t do a good job. It was pixelating random clips which was not suppose to happen. It didn’t pixelate when I published it as a movie for my PC but it didn’t want to publish correctly for HD movies. That really pissed me off. I did some troubleshooting of my own and it still didn’t want to do it right. For tutorials I need my videos to by in HD so you guys can see it better. I ended up using YouTube video editor which is fine if you have nothing else. It’s not great because what takes 30 minutes to edit, YouTube video editor will turn it into 1 to 1.5 hours. I just don’t like using it but what can I do. I have nothing else to use. I tried to use wevideo but it adds a huge logo on the top part of your video. Not cool. If you guys have any suggestions please let me know.

If you want to edit videos through YouTube all you have to do is upload all of the clips you want to include in your video. Then go here: YouTube Video Editor. Here you can select your clips and start editing. The one thing that is horrible about this (there are a few other horrible things but here’s one pretty bad one) is that you can’t add your own audio without replacing your ENTIRE audio. That irritated me. So you would have to upload that clip you want the audio to be at and upload it again. Ridiculous. So if you have to use this like me, I wish you luck and all the patience in the world because you’re gonna need it.

So that’s pretty much all of the tips I have. Let me know if you guys have any questions 🙂

The YouTube Dream

There comes a time in life when one has to make a decision about what they want to do. Some people have it all figured out in high school. “I want to be a doctor!” “I want to be a lawyer!” “I want to be a nuclear physicist!” But there are those who think they know what they want but later on find out that they want to do something else.  I’m one of those people. It’s tough, when you are in high school, to think about all that stuff when you’re barely grown up. I wasn’t mature enough to think about my future in that way. It’s a difficult decision that others think is really easy to make. When I got into college I changed my major multiple times and finally settled on one that would land me a job. Luckily the major I finally decided on grew on me. Honestly though, I do have another dream. Granted, this dream didn’t take root until I started my second YouTube channel in 2009, but it’s a pretty big dream nonetheless.

YouTube, even with all the haters, is a supportive community. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you guys. YouTube has done so much for me and helped me grow. I’m always so very touched when I see comments about how I’ve inspired someone. I’m getting emotional just thinking back on the times people have said that they look up to me. If it wasn’t for my YouTube viewers, I wouldn’t have gotten any sales on my Etsy account. If it wasn’t for YouTube, I wouldn’t have started a website and rediscovered my love for writing/blogging.

I just feel very blessed and am grateful to each and every one of you. You have given me a dream I would never have dreamt of in a million years. If it wasn’t for those comments about making a doll tutorial, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now. I wouldn’t have been featured on PlayStation magazine. There’s only one way to go from here….up. And I’m hoping you guys will be there with me.

My Kickstarter Campaign

Yes, that’s right, I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign. I’ve thought about that for a while now and I’ve decided to finally do it. I’m making a book that will teach others how to make their own crochet plushies. I started with 30 days and now I have about 27 days left. I’ve already reached my goal but I’ve added a stretch goal on my page. Check out the details here in this link: The GJB Guide to Crocheted Dolls.

How to catch the Special Fish in Ridiculous Fishing

After the finishing the game I went on a mission to get all the fish in the Fishopedia. This task was not easy, however. So at this point I had about ten fish left to discover and catch. Several of them I discovered in Maelstrom. After you finish the game the first time, these special fish become available to you. So the ones that I had trouble capturing were Squid Father (Home Waters), Eyefish (Home Waters), Scepter (Home Waters), Ankh (Home Waters), C.O.G.F. (Home Waters) and Steggo (Maelstrom). I resorted to looking up a guide online to help me capture these creatures. Here’s the guide I used (Guide to Filling the Fishopedia) which was really helpful except for the fact that I could not for the life of me get the game to acknowledge that I had discovered Ankh and Scepter. I was getting quite flustered and annoyed at this point. Read more