Review: The Thinning

My husband and I signed up for YouTube Red for the month of March/April just to test it out. The first movie we wanted to see was The Thinning. It stars Lia Marie Johnson (Everything Before Us), Peyton List, Logan Paul, Calum Worthy, Matthew Glave, just to name a few. The setting is in aContinue reading “Review: The Thinning”

Review: Jenn Rogers

I’ve been watching this YouTuber a lot recently because her videos are very addicting. I find myself connecting with her because we have similar personalities. If you guys haven’t heard about her, she is is Korean-American YouTuber who does vlogs. I also love that fact that she is Christian and her videos are inspiring. I loveContinue reading “Review: Jenn Rogers”

Keurig K475 from Influenster

Recently I received a huge box from Influenster. I hadn’t been doing Influenster for a while but since I’m not too busy at the moment, I decided to start up again. I got this voxbox today and was surprised to see so many items in the box. I actually got the email a couple ofContinue reading “Keurig K475 from Influenster”

5 Tips for making a good YouTube video

I’ve been doing YouTube videos for about 6 years now and I don’t claim to be an expert but I’ve been a viewer too and have seen difficult-to-watch videos on YouTube. I’ve also been trying to upgrade my videos but it costs money to do so. Sometime ago in 2010, YouTube gifted the top 500Continue reading “5 Tips for making a good YouTube video”