How to catch the Special Fish in Ridiculous Fishing

After the finishing the game I went on a mission to get all the fish in the Fishopedia. This task was not easy, however. So at this point I had about ten fish left to discover and catch. Several of them I discovered in Maelstrom. After you finish the game the first time, these special fish become available to you. So the ones that I had trouble capturing were Squid Father (Home Waters), Eyefish (Home Waters), Scepter (Home Waters), Ankh (Home Waters), C.O.G.F. (Home Waters) and Steggo (Maelstrom). I resorted to looking up a guide online to help me capture these creatures. Here’s the guide I used (Guide to Filling the Fishopedia) which was really helpful except for the fact that I could not for the life of me get the game to acknowledge that I had discovered Ankh and Scepter. I was getting quite flustered and annoyed at this point.

So first, let me tell you how you can get the Squid Father. In the guide it says that you have to go back to Home Waters after you finish the game and he can be found at 10m. By the way, the depths they mention in the guide are not exact. They are approximations, so when you are near that number start looking for them or slow down. That is what I had to do to find Squid Father. I had to descend first (past 10m) and use up the toaster and the hairdryer and then capture a random fish. Then on my way up, I tapped on the screen so I could slow down my ascension to the top. This way it makes it easier to find and capture Squid Father. I had to do this a couple of times because he’s a fast one.

Ok, so then for the four special fish in Home Waters. All of these are done in separate occasions. You can’t do it all at once. I tried it that way and that didn’t work…

Eyefish: Wear the Hedjet hat and use the toaster on the fish around 140m. If you used up your toaster you can also use the hairdryer. Or if you have used both, just use the chainsaw thing on your hook. All of these will kill the Eyefish and that is how you capture it.

Ankh: With the Hedjet hat. Use the toaster and the hairdryer right away and just touch the Eyefish with the hook. Keep in mind that killing the Eyefish will not make the Ankh appear. You should hear a sound when you touch the Eyefish with the hook. Once you hear that sound, you know that the Ankh has appeared. You can find this around 140m. Kill it. That’s the only way you can capture this fish.

Scepter: With the Hedjet hat. Again, use up the toaster and the hairdryer like you did before. This time, touch the Eyefish and Ankh to have the Scepter show up. Do not kill these fish. You should hear a sound when you touch both the Eyefish and the Ankh. So basically this has to be done in order. Once you touched the Ankh, the Scepter should be found around 220m. Kill it.

C.O.G.F: With the Hedjet hat. Use up the toaster and the hairdryer like you did before. This time touch the Eyefish, Ankh and the Scepter to have the C.O.G.F show up. Touching these three special fish should elicit a sound. The C.O.G.F can be captured at the very bottom of Home Waters. Now, I don’t know what killing this will do while you are still underwater. I captured this and shot him in the air. I didn’t want to take any chances because I had already tried many many times to get to the bottom to capture the C.O.G.F.

Keep in mind that when you are trying to capture the special fish in Home Waters that you can use the chainsaw lure to kill other fish in your way. Only when you want to activate other special fish do you not want to use the chainsaw on them. If you have any questions message me ^_^

12 thoughts on “How to catch the Special Fish in Ridiculous Fishing

  • I have never played this fish game.. It sounds a bit intense though and I might possibly like it. You say use the hairdryer and toaster to do “this” haha gotta love it. What in the heck would those two have to do with fish? haha


  • I looked around for the ankh at 140m, but I couldn’t find it. I continued and found it at around 200m. Maybe it would be helpful to add that it can also be found at 200m.


  • I am having a problem. I can make the ankh and the scepter appear but then it does not make my total go down. Have I actually caught them? I am not sure how to “catch” them, as I have killed on the way down and on the way back up.


  • Sorry. Me again. I can confirm that you have to catch the Ankh, Scepter, and COG fish on the same round. It does not matter if you chainsaw down, so long as you “touch” the eyefish, Ankh, and Scepter in that exact order, I repeatedly got the ankh and the scepter to appear after touching the eyefish, but without making it all the way those fish did not count.


    • You have to touch them with your hook, listen for the special sound. If you chainsaw thru them it won’t work! I just caught it… It was worth 15,000!


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  • I can’t seem to descend past 400 meters in malstrom. I bought longest line an all lures but not helping. The other 3 sites no problem getting to bottom, only malstrom . Any thoughts would be appreciated


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