Review: Life

Here’s yet another Sci-fi movie to review. We just love this genre because it’s so much fun to watch. Life stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds. It’s a weird combo. I’ve never seen Gyllenhaal and Reynolds in the same movie and I never thought they would star in Sci-fi movie together. They are…

Review: Flash of Genius

My husband and I are huge fans of true stories. This movie is about how Ford stole the idea for the intermittent windshield wipers from an engineer, Robert Kearns. He had thought of the idea for the intermittent wipers from an unfortunate incident on his wedding day that rendered him blind in his left eye….

Bedroom Renovations Part I

Well, my parents and I have finished priming and painting the walls. The color is a little bit darker than the one I previously had. It’s like a custard-ish color. Or maybe like an egg pie (hm…this is making me hungry).