Crocheted Dragon Hat

So when my daughter was 3, I made her this unicorn hat. I just couldn’t resist and she loves unicorns. Now that my son is 3, I decided to make him a dragon hat and it had to be epic!

I’ve been wanting to create a new hat and when I saw an image of this hat online, I just had to make my own. Unfortunately, there is no pattern. This is the hat I referenced if you are interested in making one yourself: Crochet Dragon Hat Pattern. I just fell in love with how the dragon just sits on the hat. I modified it by making the tail longer and making the wings moveable. My son loves to play so I thought that would be a lot more fun. So instead of one leg, I have 2 since you can flap the wings. He loves the hat and is actually wearing it at school right now.

I will definitely be making more hats in the future and be putting the patterns up for sale. My daughter is already asking for a Hello Kitty hat. Currently I’m working on a character from Netflix. My kids love this show so I wanted to create a pattern for it since there aren’t any online anywhere. Let me know what you would like to see here and I will try my best to make it happen 🙂

Pandy Pattern from Gabby’s Dollhouse

Who doesn’t love cats! I have a new pattern for you. It’s Pandy from Gabby’s Dollhouse. This show is full of adorable cats and it promotes creativity and learning from your mistakes. My daughter loves this show on Netflix. Please go to my shop here to purchase the pattern: Pandy Pattern.

Crocheted Commission orders

Since I started YouTube channel I haven’t been accepting commissions to sell my dolls. Recently I decided to sell some of my dolls on my Etsy shop. I have reopened it for those who want to purchase dolls. Right now there are only 4 dolls on sale. I will post more later. Here is the link to my Etsy shop: PigLovesMouse.

As for commissioned orders, I will accept 3 into a waiting list. Once those 3 dolls are finished and sent, the waiting list will start over. Just use this post and comment below. The first 3 will be entered into a waiting list. I will create another post once the next waiting list starts. Pricing will be discussed once the doll request is finalized. At the moment, I will ship only to the United States. I will let you know if that changes.

Feel free to share this post to anyone you know would want a cute crocheted doll from me 🙂 Have a great day guys!