Corner to Corner Crochet [C2C]

This is something I discovered after seeing interesting crochet pieces on Instagram. Check out this video tutorial I made so you can make your own. Feel free to post pictures of your creations on my Facebook page. I love to see what you guys come up with.

You can pretty much make any pattern you desire. The one I made was from repeatcrafterme.


I followed her pattern for the heart eyes emoji. I just thought that it was so adorable. She even made the other emojis and sewed them together to create her own unique graphghan. It’s pretty cool. I’ve also seen video game pixels on there and many other designs. This is a fast growing way to crochet. The only downside are the loose ends you’re going to have if you have a really complicated pattern. Let me know what you think if you’ve tried this. Do you like this better than traditional afghans?

Make your own Deadpool Doll!

Recently I saw the new Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds and I wrote the review here: Deadpool Review. I felt compelled to make this epic doll from the movie. I used a few images to make him since there are so many versions. I felt it fitting since the character himself is a mixture of different stories. Here is the video I made on YouTube: Make your own Deadpool Sackboy. Here’s the pattern for the doll: Deadpool Sackboy Pattern.


Enjoy the pattern and don’t forget to share with your crafty friends ^_^ This would be a great gift for kids and adults alike.

♥ Crocheted Pillow ♥

I recently discovered a new way of crocheting, corner to corner crocheting. When you look up projects online people call them graphghans. When you look up a pattern it is usually plotted out on “graphing paper.” I created mine on excel and followed a pattern from repeatcrafterme: Heart Eyes Emoji. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. You can create any pixelated image you desire. I liked the Heart Eyes one because I use it a lot and it’s a great gift for Valentine’s Day. I made it for my fiance and turned it into a pillow instead of a graphghan because I wanted it to be done by Valentine’s Day.


The only thing I didn’t like about making this were the loose ends. Since there were more than one color there were a bunch of them. I suggest you weave the ends through your work instead of make knots. The knots always find a way to the front of your work and it’s just going to be a bigger pain to make them stay where they are suppose to be.


Making the back part of the pillow was so much easier because I only had to use one color. Just keep in mind that the back and front aren’t going to be the same exact size because different colors have different sizes. The gold yarn I used is a different brand and it felt like a smaller weight than the other colors. The black and red yarns were thicker. I stretched the front part of the pillow just a little so that I could sew them together. I actually crocheted the edges together instead of sewing but you could do that too if you don’t want to crochet them together.


Before you stuff it, sew most of it together. Try to stuff the pillow while the opening is still large enough to do so. Stuff it evenly then sew the gap closed. I enjoyed this project for the most part. I just didn’t like sewing and knotting all the loose ends together. I’m planning on making more of these emoji pillows. They are fun to make. Let me know if you make one and feel free to post a picture on my Facebook page. Also, take a look at repeacrafterme’s emoticon graphghan. It’s amazing: Emoji Graphghan. She has great instructions on her website too.


When I get a new camera I will make more videos and show you guys how to make this graphghan. Right now I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things. I have a few projects in mind that I want to start as well. Gotta get ready for Spring ^_^

Newborn Beanie

I started another project that shouldn’t have taken me that long to make but I had to tweak it just a little. It’s hard when you don’t know the exact size when you’re making a hat. I got this pattern from: repeatcrafterme. I made this a little longer than the pattern suggests. Try to use baby yarns to make this project because baby’s skin is so soft and delicate.


The heart in the middle of the hat is from somewhere else: Crochet Heart. It’s a simple but cute hat for a newborn ^_^ Let me know what you guys think and feel free to share your creations on my facebook page.