Make Your Own Sackboy


KEY: sc = single crochet

1. Create a magic circle

2. Then create 6 sc in the ring. Then make a slip stitch with the very first stitch you created.

3. 2sc in each sc.

4. 1sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

5. 2sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

6. 3sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

7. 4sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

8. 5sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

9. 6sc, 2sc in sc (repeat until marker)

10. 1sc only in back loops (Do this for two rows)

11. 1sc in each sc (Do this for 10 rows)

12. 1sc in the next 2sc; Crochet two sc together (repeat for 5+ rows or until the hole is small enough; it cant be too small or the head will bobble too much.)

13. 2sc in each sc. (For one row)

14. 1sc in each sc; when you reach the marker, chain 1 and turn your work around. (Do this for 13 rows)

15. Sew the zipper on.

16. Continue crocheting where you left off from step 14. Chain two and then slip stitch on to the next stitch to bridge the gap.

17. For this row, crochet only in the back loops. Crochet two sc together.

18. Then for the rows after that, crochet two sc together until the hole is closed. If there is still a gap left, sew it closed.

19. Pick up 6 stitches where the arm should be. Make sure that you are crocheting from the outside and not from the inside (this would be more difficult to do)

20. 2sc in each sc all the way around. You should be left with 12 stitches in the end.

21. Determine where the top part of the arm hole is from the bottom. Crochet in the back loops for the top 6 stitches. Crochet in the front loops for the bottom 6 stitches. (Repeat for two rows)

22. 1sc in each sc. (For 3 rows)

23. 1sc then 2sc in each sc.

24. 1sc in each sc

25. Then make the fingers. Subdivide the opening to create four fingers (small cylindrical pillars). Pick up a few stitches for the thumb.

26. Pick up 7 stitches in the places you want the feet to be.

27. 2sc in each sc.

28. 1sc in each sc for 8 rows

29. For this row, crochet in back loops only. Crochet two stitches together. Do this for both legs.

30. Then crochet 2 sc together to decrease the size of the hole so you can close it up.

31. Put in the eyes.

32. Hide all the strings. You can do this by inserting them all into the body of the sackboy.



  1. can you please make Gaara (from Naruto) tutorial videos? it would be great and am very grateful all of your projects… thanks to you, now i can crochet and of course make some dolls for myself :”>


  2. thank you so much for this pattern.
    your instructions are so very clear and you’ve really inspired me to design my own dolls.
    keep up the good work 🙂


  3. The head I made has turned out really flat on top, and then REALLY wide, and short. I followed the pattern to a T, so what could have happened? If I keep closing the head up its gonna be really short, (about half the length yours appears) but if I add more rows for length the head is gonna be disproportionate to the rest of the body. What should I do?


    • Flatness: possibly havent stuffed him enough? it is a flat pattern untill you start doing isc all the way around, the stuffing makes it rounder 🙂
      depending on the yarn and hook size you are using it will come out differently than shown, i use 8ply with a 4.0mm hook, GJB uses a 3.75mm hook 🙂 it will look short and wide untill you stuff it, stuffing makes everything better haha. if you still think he looks too short and wide, add a row or two, dont worry about trying to even out the pattern if it doesnt look too different. if you want you can just add however many rows you added to the head to the torso and arms and legs (i tend to make my legs a bit longer anyway)
      hope that helps!


  4. I love sackboy I make some to and I even make a couple of girls one time I made one well tried to make one that looks like me it turned out pretty good I like it I have lots of them in my room I made one on chrismas eve and gave it to my parents for a gift they loved it I like yours to I have the game!!!!!!!!:)


  5. I love sackboys and girls I have all the games and more I knitted some to:)I gave my mom and dad plus my brother one I made one of myself it was aswsome in fact I just painted a sackboy I liked it so did my family I have all kinds of littlebigplanet stuff in my room it’s like a pod from the game I have theses games littlebigplanet karting,littlebigplanet,littlebigplanet 2 and more…..
    ” I love littlebigplanet :):):):):):):)!!!!!!!!!!”


  6. I do it.Thank you it’s awsome. I translated it to a friend (who does not broadcast on the internet, so it remain something personnal). I was wondering if I could put the translation on raverly.


    • You can do (1sc in the next 2sc; Crochet two sc together) until you have 12 or 13 stitches left. Then you can make the rest of he body from there. I usually leave 11 stitches for the body. So to make the body wider you can have around 12 or 13.


  7. I am trying another pattern and I’m stuck. I was wondering if you could help me, please. The pattern says to work 4sc into a magic circle, can you please tell me how I am supposed to do this?


  8. I know how to do the hair but when I finish it, it comes out to full and I can’t do any thing with it. May you please help me with this problem


  9. Hello! I was able to follow your pattern really well so far (just need to finish the legs) but I do have one question how big is your sackboy because looking at your video your sackboy seems a lot bigger than mine and I used a 3.75 mm hook and worsted weight yarn like your pattern says 😮 How tall is your sack boy and how wide is his head? My head seems really tiny. Please let me know and thank you for your pattern 🙂


  10. Hi there!
    This is a very great pattern and the puppet turns out so cute! I’m sure to make the Ezio Sackboy next. 🙂
    However, I do have one small edit to your pattern:
    14. 1sc in each sc; when you reach the marker, *2 sc in the last sc*, chain 1 and turn your work around. (Do this for 13 rows)

    If you use this adaptation, you’ll get a nice straight edge for your zipper to sit next to, in stead of the staircase pattern you’ll get if you just chain 1. 🙂

    Thanks a bunch!


  11. Hi love, I ordered a pattern for Thor this morning and paid with paypal. I have not found the pattern anywhere. My email shows that the payment was made but it doesn’t show where to find the pattern. can you please help me with this.


  12. Hello! I absolutely love this patter and appreciate the time you took to share your awesome sackboy pattern. My son loves it, but he said I did the mouth wrong (because I didn’t put one LOL). Have you had any success on putting together a tutorial for adding an open mouth? Or even a written one? Any help would be greatly appreciated


  13. Hi there I was wondering I am transcribing the pattern, not in steps but rather in general notation and rows with a stitch count at the end if I do that I can email you the finished one, I am doing this so I can save the Ezio pattern to my kindle so can make one when I no longer have internet…my email is let me know if you would possibly want my version of this


  14. Thanks a lot for your tuts! Can you tell which yarn do you use (composition and thickness) and what size of a crotchet. For this sackboy and for Kratos sackboy. Thank you


  15. I need help! I have no idea what you mean by pick up six stitches when making sack boys arms. Im so lost someone please help. Please and thanks


  16. I need help on making the fingers, Please!!! The video doesn’t show it and there is no detailed pattern on how to actually do the fingers right.
    I can kind of figure out by how it looks in your video, but it’s not coming out like yours. Thank you so much!!!


  17. If you double the stitch count on all surfaces could you make a bigger sac boy like start with 12 sc in the magic circle and go from there but double the rows


  18. Que tal! Como estas? Era una genio y es un arte muy hermoso. Podrías ayudarme a realizar las manos no puedo percibir en el video después de montar los 6 pts y llegar con los aumentos a 12 pts ya no distingo no entiendo como seguir para realizar los dedos. Te suplico meno puedas ayudar. Soy de México y te admiro mucho


  19. I’m having a hard time with the directions for making the arms. I’m not sure what is meant by ‘picking up’ the stitches. Am I slip stitching in 6? Are there supposed to be 6 stitches in the hook? The video skips over that part and it isn’t in the written directions. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


  20. hi i am from mexico my name Alin and have a great talent for weaving I’m following the pattern for sackboy but I doubt fingers are only 4 or 5 fingers that must be done and if so, how are made and revised video of how to make them but I still do not understand very well if you could help me I would greatly appreciate it thanks in advance.


  21. Hello Goldenjellybean
    One of my followers asked me (in the comment section of this article - which is mentioning your Sackboy model) if i could translate the Sackboy pattern in french.
    Would you allow me to publish a french version of your pattern on my blog (with a few modifications of my own) ? I would, of course, name you as the original designer with a link to your blog.
    Thanks for this cute model.


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