Kid Shows That Won’t Drive You Crazy

There are those shows that your kids watch that are just too loud. And, of course, this is all depends on the person who is watching the show. For me the show that just drives me crazy is Dora. It’s a great show, she’s just too loud sometimes. I won’t let my kids watch it.Continue reading “Kid Shows That Won’t Drive You Crazy”

Filipino Dramas on Netflix

I’m always in the mood for a good Filipino drama. I love how there are so many of them on Netflix now. They included several good titles just a couple months ago. There are those that are very, very bad and super cheesy. Those are always fun to watch when bored, but there are thoseContinue reading “Filipino Dramas on Netflix”

Movie Reveiw: Gantz: O

We happened onto this anime on Netflix. We are big anime fans and we thought that we should check this out to see if it was worth watching. The story is very interesting and it is based on the manga series by Hiroya Oku. It’s very violent, has nudity and is sexually explicit. The mangaContinue reading “Movie Reveiw: Gantz: O”

Review: In Your Eyes

I found this list of hidden gems while I was searching for what to watch on Netflix. In Your Eyes is sort of a science fiction/romance movie. I’m not sure if there are other movies like it but this is the first I have seen. It stars two unfortunate souls, Dylan and Rebecca, and they haveContinue reading “Review: In Your Eyes”

Review: The OA

I don’t remember when this happened but it must have been just recently. It was probably in the past year that a bunch of Netflix original shows started showing up in large numbers. There is a show called The OA. It is one of those shows that seems like it could be entered into theContinue reading “Review: The OA”