1. Create a ring as shown in this video: Magic Ring
2. Then create 6 sc in the ring. Then make a slip stitch with the very first stitch you created.
3. 2sc in each sc.
4. 1sc, 2sc in sc.
5. 2sc, 2sc in sc.
6. 3sc, 2sc in sc.
7. 4sc, 2sc in sc.
8. 5sc, 2sc in sc.
9. 6sc, 2sc in sc.
10.1sc in each sc. For 9 rows.
11. 6sc, 2sc tog.
12. 5sc, 2sc tog.
13. 4sc, 2sc tog.
14. 3sc, 2sc tog.
15. 2sc, 2sc tog.
16. 1sc, 2sc tog.
17. 1sc, 2sc tog.


18. 1sc, 2sc in sc.
19. 1sc, 2sc in sc.
20. 1sc in each sc.
21. 2sc, 2sc in sc.
22. 3sc, 2sc in sc.
23. 1sc in sc.
24. 4sc, 2sc in sc.
25. 1sc in each sc for 4 rows.
26. 4sc, 2sc tog.
27. 3sc, 2sc tog.
28. 2sc, 2sc tog.
29. 1sc, 2sc tog.
30. 2sc tog. Until you close the gap.
31. Finish off.


32. Pick up 6 stitches where the arm should be. If you have trouble with this step please take a look at my L Sackboy tutorial where I show this step in more detail.
33. 2sc in each sc.
34. Crochet in the back loops for the top and the front loops for the bottom. Do this for two rows. If you need help with this part please watch my L Sackboy tutorial.
35. 1sc in each sc.
36. 1sc, 2sc tog.
37. 1sc in each sc.
38. 2sc tog until you close the gap.


39. Pick up 7 stitches where the legs should be.
40. 2sc in each sc.
41. 1sc in each sc.
42. 1sc in next 6 stitches. 2sc in sc.
43. 1sc in each sc for 4 rows.
44. 1sc, 2sc tog.
45. 2sc tog until you close the gap.
46. Finish off.


47. With pink yarn. 6sc in circle.
48. 2sc in each sc.
49. 1sc in each sc for 4 rows.
50. 2sc tog until you close the gap.
51. Stuff and finish off.


52. With purple yarn. Chain 8.
53. 1sc in all chains starting from the second.
54. 2sc tog. 1sc in the next 5 stitches.
55. 1sc in next 4 stitches. 2sc tog.
56. 2sc tog. 1sc in next 3 stitches.
57. 1sc in next 2 stitches. 2sc tog.
58. 2sc tog. 1sc.
59. 2sc tog.
60. Finish off. Make 2 and sew onto the back.


61. 6sc in circle.
62. 2sc in each sc.
63. 1sc, 2sc in each sc.
64. 1sc in each sc for 5 rows.
65. 1sc, 2sc tog.
66. 2sc tog until you have no more gap.
67. Finish off and attach onto doll.


68. These are small half circles. Chain 2.

69. 3sc in second chain from hook.

70. Chain 1. 2sc in each sc.

71. Chain 1. (1sc. 2sc in sc) until end of row.

72. Finish off. Fold in half and sew on to doll. Make 2.

4 thoughts on “Moogle

  • Heya, love your moogle pattern. Thanks so much for posting it up. The stitch 6 for the arms are abit confusing. Am I supposed to stitch in a circle? Or straight line?

    Also your missing the ears. Could you please post that ASAP? My poor moogle will be stuck in limblessness otherwise 😀


  • hello! it’s me again 🙂 I finally made the moogle but I always mess up with the wings part. I hope you can show how to do it. Thank you very much for the pattern.


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