6 Easy Crochet Video Game Doll Patterns


1. This cute Pokeball is the perfect gift for those Pokemon lovers. Gotta catch em all! Link to the pattern is here: Amigurumi Pokeball.51b6544dec8205cc5829204df066cac2

2. Here’s my very own design. I love Luma. She’s so cute and adorable. If you’d like to make her watch this video: Luma Video and go to the pattern here: Luma Pattern.7e57096840fcb46d5657d5f779d2d67d

3. The 1-up mushroom. You can never have enough of these. Adorable too ^_^ You can even switch colors and make multiple mushrooms. Here is the pattern: 1-up Mushroom Pattern.6efb0cf09cdce7bfd693c3e32bdaae0c

4. Everyone knows who these cuties are. And they’re even making a movie soon, which I can’t wait to see. Here’s the pattern for these: Angry Birds Pattern.18a04da62b78d95cf72cbabe4a2b7f72

5. Aww, look at these little navi. I want them!! They’re perfect for all Zelda fans. Get the pattern here: Crocheted Navi.a63db508ffe8449971e8b7c3222d2caf

6. Last but not least, the infamous Fire Flower. This is what turns Mario into Fire Mario! Get the pattern here: Fire Flower Pattern.

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