Review: In Your Eyes

I found this list of hidden gems while I was searching for what to watch on Netflix. In Your Eyes is sort of a science fiction/romance movie. I’m not sure if there are other movies like it but this is the first I have seen. It stars two unfortunate souls, Dylan and Rebecca, and they haveContinue reading “Review: In Your Eyes”

Review: Psychic School Wars

There are a few full animes on YouTube and this was one I happen to watch one day. The first thing I noticed about this anime is that it is very bright and colorful. The vibrant colors really pulls you in. The movie is a bit slow as it revolves around the lives of students butContinue reading “Review: Psychic School Wars”

Review: The OA

I don’t remember when this happened but it must have been just recently. It was probably in the past year that a bunch of Netflix original shows started showing up in large numbers. There is a show called The OA. It is one of those shows that seems like it could be entered into theContinue reading “Review: The OA”

Review: Interstellar

It’s been a while since I did one of these. So I came into this movie not knowing what it was about. I only knew that Anne Hathaway and Matthew Mcconaughey and that it was probably a science fiction film. I saw this movie with my sister and we both loved it. It’s a bitContinue reading “Review: Interstellar”