Review: Stranger Things

This show is unique because it is a show adults can enjoy that has kids as its main characters. Stranger Things has a good balance of drama and it is not too childish for adults. We love this show and binge watched both seasons. We just wish there were more episodes per season. This isContinue reading “Review: Stranger Things”

Review: Life

Here’s yet another Sci-fi movie to review. We just love this genre because it’s so much fun to watch. Life stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds. It’s a weird combo. I’ve never seen Gyllenhaal and Reynolds in the same movie and I never thought they would star in Sci-fi movie together. They areContinue reading “Review: Life”

Review: The OA

I don’t remember when this happened but it must have been just recently. It was probably in the past year that a bunch of Netflix original shows started showing up in large numbers. There is a show called The OA. It is one of those shows that seems like it could be entered into theContinue reading “Review: The OA”