Review: I Can Only Imagine

There are many Christian movies out there and when this came out I wondered if this was going to be good. My husband and I don’t get to go out on date nights much because we have two small kids in the house. We usually watch Netflix at home and have our movies sent toContinue reading “Review: I Can Only Imagine”

Relationship Stuff

There are times when it may seem like everything is perfect but life intervenes and what seems perfect is now broken. After watching WongFu’s short film, Somewhere Like This, it reminded me of how delicate relationships are. Watching this was like watching my own life and what happened once upon a time when I wasContinue reading “Relationship Stuff”

Relationships and such

Relationships are tough and we’ve all been through them, be it friendships or intimate. They come and go. Even when we’re really careful, some eventually come to an end before we know what is even happening. What is really important, though, is keeping a positive outlook on things. Having a different perspective helps a lot.Continue reading “Relationships and such”