Review: Call the Midwife

This show was recommended by a family member. I was hesitant to watch it because I was not sure if I wanted to see women giving birth all the time. I also did not think it was going to be that good because there were already so many medical shows out there. But boy wasContinue reading “Review: Call the Midwife”

Becoming a mother

I graduated high school and all I knew was that I was good at math. Engineering was my first major which wasn’t a very good choice because all I did was lounge around and hang out with my friends. After 6 years of dragging it out, my mom suggested that I become a nurse. BecomingContinue reading “Becoming a mother”

The 8 things they don’t tell you in Nursing School.

SURVIVAL GUIDE I got into nursing after I couldn’t finish up my electrical engineering major. It was a hard 4 years but it was worth it. In another post I will tell you how to survive Nursing School but in this post I will tell you guys the 8 things you don’t learn in NursingContinue reading “The 8 things they don’t tell you in Nursing School.”