Our Wedding Day

There were times in the past when I didn’t think I would get married. This was not because of my lack of commitment skills. It was more because of the people I dated. None of the guys I was with were good for me. Thinking back, now, I don’t think I was really thinking. IContinue reading “Our Wedding Day”

Love, Marriage and Happiness

I know I don’t have much experience with marriage (only being married for about 1.5 years) but I do have experience with love and the happiness that eludes some of us. So I found this article on Facebook that Story of This Life had shared. It was an article called, “Marriage Isn’t About Your Happiness” byContinue reading “Love, Marriage and Happiness”

Review: Love, Rosie

[Spoilers Ahead!] I saw an instagram picture of this movie on my cousin’s page and I thought I would check it out. Yes I know, it’s a rom-com and I’ve been seeing a lot of those lately…but this is a good one. To put it simply, it’s a love story about Rosie and Alex. RosieContinue reading “Review: Love, Rosie”

Relationship Stuff

There are times when it may seem like everything is perfect but life intervenes and what seems perfect is now broken. After watching WongFu’s short film, Somewhere Like This, it reminded me of how delicate relationships are. Watching this was like watching my own life and what happened once upon a time when I wasContinue reading “Relationship Stuff”