Review: Legend

I’m fascinated by legends and myths from other countries. When I was in grade school I was obsessed with the Greek myths. I even researched them for a school project. Legend is a comic book series written and illustrated by Jerry Ma. This was a kickstarter that was successfully funded in 2016. Legend is basedContinue reading “Review: Legend”

Review: Foxblossom Co. Soy Candles

My husband and I love burning candles. Since soy candles are better for our health, I thought to try out Foxblossom Co. soy candles. Candles you buy from Yankee Candle are made of paraffin. Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum. Another name for paraffin is kerosene. When paraffin is burned it releases a carcinogenic sootContinue reading “Review: Foxblossom Co. Soy Candles”

Feature: Pepper Zhang: Artist Extraordinaire! A Children’s Book

Here is a children’s book I’d love to read to my daughter. None of the books we have feature Asian children. And if the book does have Asian characters, they’re not the main character. I always get excited when I see these types of books. Zoey is half Asian and I want to expose herContinue reading “Feature: Pepper Zhang: Artist Extraordinaire! A Children’s Book”

Review: Willa Walker

I happened upon the Willa Walker on Kickstarter one day and I found it fascinating. The Willa Walker was created by Playful Nature, LLC; founded by Gabe Cohn. Cohn, a mechanical engineer by trade, came up with the idea after babysitting his niece Willa. You can read their story here and how they are helping theContinue reading “Review: Willa Walker”