Review: Flash of Genius

My husband and I are huge fans of true stories. This movie is about how Ford stole the idea for the intermittent windshield wipers from an engineer, Robert Kearns. He had thought of the idea for the intermittent wipers from an unfortunate incident on his wedding day that rendered him blind in his left eye.Continue reading “Review: Flash of Genius”

Wait a second, isn’t it Easter?

Ok so this morning when I woke up I turned on my computer, like I always do and checked my email…went on Facebook…you know all the normal things we do in the morning (lol). One strange thing I found though was that the Easter doodle on was not about Easter at all which IContinue reading “Wait a second, isn’t it Easter?”

Ridiculous? You be the judge.

Wow! So when you thought you’ve heard everything, I come bearing some pretty ridiculous news. An article on the New York Daily News reported that a woman was hit by a car after following directions from google on her phone. She had looked up “walking” directions on her Blackberry and planned on going to herContinue reading “Ridiculous? You be the judge.”