The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 5

We all have things we worry about or focus on more than others. This chapter teaches us how to help our children think of the bigger picture. The author suggests to have our children draw a Wheel of Awareness when they get overwhelmed with emotions. This wheel allows kids to see that there are otherContinue reading “The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 5”

The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 4

As I delve more into this book, I discover such interesting things about parenting. It may seem obvious once you read it but its the kind of thing that doesn’t really cross your mind. For instance, if a toddler was doing something bad or not eating their vegetables, the first action is to scold. InContinue reading “The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 4”

The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 2

This chapter focuses on integration. Integrating the left and right sides of the brain is very important for the emotional health of the child. Children are predominantly right sided which is obvious with how emotional they get. Their brains aren’t mature enough to think before they act or think before they feel. Not sure ifContinue reading “The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 2”

The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 1

Parenting is a difficult thing. Recently I have been worried that we haven’t been nurturing her growing mind correctly. For months I had been meaning to get some books on the subject but only now did I actually get to choosing some books. The book I’m currently reading is called “The Whole-Brain Child” by Daniel J.Continue reading “The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 1”