Review: Earthlock Festival of Magic

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is an RPG developed and published by Snowcastle Games in 2016. It was released for the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux systems. This is a magical game set in a beautiful world. The story is quite interesting actually. The Earth has suddenly stopped spinning. One part ofContinue reading “Review: Earthlock Festival of Magic”

Review: Rusty Lake

I’m always looking for a new game to play. I get bored easily with games. I came across a series of games called, Rusty Lake and Cube Escape. Since the Cube Escape games were free, I decided to try them out before I spent any money. The first one I played was either Theatre orContinue reading “Review: Rusty Lake”

Review: There is no game

[The video is sort of like a walk-through for the game.] I came across this game while looking for a new game to play. The title caught my eye. It just screams, “Pick me! Pick me!” This game was published by KaMiZoTo and published in 2015. When you start playing, a man with a heavyContinue reading “Review: There is no game”

Review: The Room

Developer: Fireproof Games Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Price: Free This game is one of those gems you don’t really come across very often. I love how detailed and pretty this game is. Not just that, it also has an intriguing story. I’m not really sure what time period this game is set at but I’m assumingContinue reading “Review: The Room”