Review: Gods of Egypt

This was a pretty cool movie just because of the costumes, the fancy theatrics and the special effects. The story was somewhat interesting to me too but it was the acting that was lacking. The actors weren’t very good and the one of main character’s plunging neckline proved that they had to show cleavage forContinue reading “Review: Gods of Egypt”

Review: Risen

I saw Risen the other day with my Fiance. I’ve been waiting for another movie like this because Hollywood doesn’t really make them. It’s nice that it’s not the story we’ve always seen on the big screen. It’s always the story leading up to Jesus rising from the dead but never what happened afterwards. We’veContinue reading “Review: Risen”

Review: Julie and Julia

Ever since I saw The Hundred-Foot Journey the other day I’ve been looking for more food films to watch. I came across Julie & Julia. I’ve forgotten about this movie. I remember seeing a trailer of it a while back and I’m so glad I found it again. This movie makes me super jealous ofContinue reading “Review: Julie and Julia”

Review: The Hundred-Foot Journey

I love food movies and shows. I wish there were more food tv shows here in America. I don’t just mean shows on the Food Network. I mean actual fiction food tv shows. There are lot of them in Korea and I really enjoy watching people cook and am interested in the goings-on behind theContinue reading “Review: The Hundred-Foot Journey”

Review: Yong Pal [1st thoughts]

I haven’t posted anything in terms of Korean Dramas in a while. Since I’m not currently working, I’ve been spending my time watching dramas and crocheting dolls and other things. I came across this intense medical drama after my mom mentioned it to me last year. I decided only now to watch it. Now IContinue reading “Review: Yong Pal [1st thoughts]”