Review: Foxblossom Co. Soy Candles

My husband and I love burning candles. Since soy candles are better for our health, I thought to try out Foxblossom Co. soy candles. Candles you buy from Yankee Candle are made of paraffin. Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum. Another name for paraffin is kerosene. When paraffin is burned it releases a carcinogenic sootContinue reading “Review: Foxblossom Co. Soy Candles”

Feature: Mekong Magic

I had the pleasure of browsing through this store the other day. Mekong Magic was founded by Khongvilay Malzone in 2016. Her shop is in Haymarket Virginia and was created to spread joy to families and their children through toys and cute clothing. She has since expanded the store to include other items such as mugs,Continue reading “Feature: Mekong Magic”

Review: Zeitgeist Gifts

I received both of these products complimentary from Zeitgeist Gifts for review purposes. These products are by Donkey Products which is located in Hamburg Germany. Donkey Products aim to create unique products that become great gifts for your family and loved ones. Soft Music Box Jukebox Heroes I chose this item because it was just soContinue reading “Review: Zeitgeist Gifts”