Kid Shows That Won’t Drive You Crazy

There are those shows that your kids watch that are just too loud. And, of course, this is all depends on the person who is watching the show. For me the show that just drives me crazy is Dora. It’s a great show, she’s just too loud sometimes. I won’t let my kids watch it.Continue reading “Kid Shows That Won’t Drive You Crazy”

More Filipino Stories…

I had the privilege of reviewing two books from Sari-Sari Storybooks. I received these from Christina Newhard, the author of these books. It’s refreshing to see stories written in Filipino dialects because we don’t see enough of these in our local bookstores. Living in an area without many Filipinos or any at all, makes itContinue reading “More Filipino Stories…”

Feature: Angel Halo Chang

What I love about Kickstarter are the myriad of books that you don’t find in a regular bookstore. You also can’t find any good Asian books at your local Barnes and Noble. Angel Halo Chang created these series of books based on her life experiences. Her books feature fun illustrations and stories we can relateContinue reading “Feature: Angel Halo Chang”

Review: B is for Brains

B is for Brains, written by Ellie Sutton and Matt Page is an amazingly hilarious take on ABCs for kids. I got a kick out of reading about zombies in a children’s book. It’s amazing how there are so many versions on such a simple topic. People really have gotten creative with it. B isContinue reading “Review: B is for Brains”

Review: The Patchwork Girl

I came across The Patchwork Girl on Kickstarter. It was successfully funded in 2014. The Patchwork Girl is a series of stories by Hasani Walker. The story starts with a doll who is brought to life by three dragonflies. When she awakens she embarks on a journey to find out who she is and whyContinue reading “Review: The Patchwork Girl”