Here we go again

We have some exciting news to share that I haven’t even posted on my Facebook page yet. It will come to no surprise to some of you that we are expecting again!! We tried for about a year and it has been a stressful and emotional journey for me. At some point I was wonderingContinue reading “Here we go again”

Nothing Went As planned: A Birth Story

I had this image in my mind that everything was going to work out. I printed out a birth plan I found online and filled it out. I even discussed it with my husband and we talked about what we wanted to do once it was time to go to the hospital. My doctor toldContinue reading “Nothing Went As planned: A Birth Story”

Due date nearing

I’m at the point where I’m going to the OB weekly now. I’m at 38 weeks and going to be 39 on Thursday. I’m super anxious and excited at the same time about the birthing process. There are a million things running through my mind. The baby, the wedding, what videos I’m going to postContinue reading “Due date nearing”

The 6 things going through my mind while pregnant

Every pregnant woman worries about different things. This is a list of the things that I was going through and what I was concerned about throughout my pregnancy. 1. Zika virus This has been worrying me since I first read about it online. If you haven’t heard about this, it’s a virus that spreads throughContinue reading “The 6 things going through my mind while pregnant”