Totoro Easter Basket

It’s that time of year again when our kids hunt for Easter eggs. I looked online for inspiration and I couldn’t find any that I liked. I decided to make my own pattern because there were no reference images and no patterns available for a Totoro Easter basket. I was shocked since he’s so super popular now. He’s everywhere. I got the idea from my son calling Totoro a bunny so why not right?

This pattern will be on sale in my shop. If you would like to make this super cute Easter basket head on over and click on this link: Totoro Easter Basket.

How to Make Dolly (Toy Story 3)

Who doesn’t love Toy Story? It’s just the way they tell the story. They hook you from the start and I’m always in tears by the end. Everyone knows Woody and Buzz but Dolly was the leader of Bonnie’s toys in Toy Story 3 and we can clearly see that in Toy Story 4. I made Dolly for my daughter for her 5th birthday. She will be 5 next week, so it’s only fitting for Dolly’s pattern to debut in my daughter’s birthday month. If you would like to purchase the pattern please head on over to my shop. Here is the link to where you can buy it: Toy Story Patterns.

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