What I Learned From Baby #1

With the first child, creating a baby registry can be daunting. When we created ours, we put everything imaginable on it. It’s hard to tell what you really need before you have a baby. We put too many newborn clothes than we needed. Babies grow out of newborn clothes very easily and before you knowContinue reading “What I Learned From Baby #1”

Becoming a mother

I graduated high school and all I knew was that I was good at math. Engineering was my first major which wasn’t a very good choice because all I did was lounge around and hang out with my friends. After 6 years of dragging it out, my mom suggested that I become a nurse. BecomingContinue reading “Becoming a mother”

Toy Safety

It’s that time of year again. I have been searching on Amazon for Christmas gifts. I usually look pretty early and place items in my Amazon wish list for future reference. This year, we decided to get Zoey a play kitchen. At first it didn’t really matter what brand I chose. Initially I wanted toContinue reading “Toy Safety”

Here we go again

We have some exciting news to share that I haven’t even posted on my Facebook page yet. It will come to no surprise to some of you that we are expecting again!! We tried for about a year and it has been a stressful and emotional journey for me. At some point I was wonderingContinue reading “Here we go again”