Delivering During a Pandemic

If you are currently pregnant in 2020 you have probably wondered what it would be like if you were delivering during a pandemic. I found out I was pregnant with our third child at the end of last year. I never thought that I would have to worry so much about a virus potentially harming our baby. I remember my mom telling me about the virus when it wasn’t even here in the United States yet. I wasn’t worried then and I didn’t think it would ever hit us this hard. Our daughter was still going to school then and it wasn’t long before she wasn’t anymore. We had just gotten over the flu and then this virus hit. So we weren’t exactly going out and hanging out with family at the time. School stopped and then my husband started working at home. It was getting scary. I was scared for our unborn child. My OB appointments turned into tele-med appointments. I didn’t even want to leave the house. I stopped going to the store. The only people I saw were my parents because I knew they weren’t leaving their house either and my dad was working at home. My due date came closer and closer and I became more and more anxious. I was afraid that I would catch the virus at the hospital. I combed through Facebook mommy posts about how their deliveries went and what it was like at the hospital. Everyone was very reassuring. An old middle school friend of mine had delivered at the same hospital I was going to and I asked her what it was like. It made me feel better to hear her story but I was still anxious to be delivering during a pandemic.

At week 38 I had to go to the hospital for covid testing and that was nerve wracking as well. We didn’t have to come out of our cars. We all lined up and they tended to two patients at a time. The nurses were all dressed in full body gear and everything was covered. It was no joke. They were taking this thing seriously and that made me feel better about testing. They checked my identity, gave me instructions, did a throat swab and then I went home.

delivering during a pandemic

I had a scheduled c-section and on the day of my delivery my parents stayed at our house to watch our other two kids. We brought the essentials and remembered our masks. I even packed snacks and gloves. They said I was allowed one support person and that we weren’t going to be able to leave the hospital for anything. We had to stay in our room the entire time. I was afraid I forgot something but we actually had everything we needed and more. We didn’t need the gloves and we brought way to many snacks.

delivering during a pandemic

When we got to the hospital I was wheeled into our room. Everyone was wearing a mask. They were very good about that. They even explained to us that we all had to wear masks to protect ourselves and others from the virus. In the OR I had my mask on too but that wasn’t too bad. Since I didn’t have to exert any effort into delivering, the mask didn’t bother me. After our son was delivered we returned to our room before being transferred into the postpartum unit. Ordering meals wasn’t as bad I was making it in my head. I thought that I would be too worried about the food being contaminated to eat but I was too hungry after delivery to think about that. At times I would forget to put my mask on but they weren’t too strict about mothers not wearing their masks. I think it was because my covid test was negative. They probably weren’t too worried about catching it from me or my husband. There were covid patients on the floor and they played a tune every time a covid patient left the floor.

delivering during a pandemic

Overall the experience was great. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I wasn’t as scared. I’m just glad that our hospital took precautions and made sure that everyone was safe. If you have a delivery story during this time feel free to share it with me!

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