Our Quarantine Experience

When looking at what I have gone through and experienced in my lifetime, I would never have thought we would experience a lockdown. It’s surreal and something that I would only have seen in the movies or read in a book. But what about those stories? They are all based on real events. Events that have happened in the past. Events that are happening now. This will definitely be one for the history books along with the Black Death, Yellow Fever, various Flus and various plagues that killed millions of people around the world. Covid-19 as people have dubbed this current disease, has moved very quickly. I remember hearing about it from my mom. She told me about this virus that started in China. With toddlers running around the house, I sometimes don’t have time to read the news. There are times, I just want to relax and shut out the ugliness of the news. So when my mom told me about this virus that’s worse than the flu, I thought nothing of it because it hadn’t reached us yet. I was trying to be calm about it and not even think about it. We were all still going through our normal routines. We were still going out and hanging out with friends and family. We had planned birthdays, anniversaries and vacations.

It was the beginning of March. People who had travelled to China and other areas where the virus hit were getting tested for Covid-19. It wasn’t here yet and I still remember the last time we went to the playground with them. It was a semi-warm day and there were only a few families out. The next day Zoey was still going to school and it was crazy hat day. Jonah was still recovering from a bad cold and the virus hadn’t hit us yet. Zoey then got the stomach flu and were worried that we would all eventually get it. Then came the flu. Before Covid-19 hit, our entire family caught the flu. First my husband, then my kids and then me. It was nerve-racking because I had never had the flu before. So at the time we weren’t visiting family and weren’t able to go to church. We were resting and keeping our distance because we were still contagious and recuperating. With this string of illnesses we hadn’t really gone out much and hadn’t been doing much either.

Then news came of Covid-19 getting closer to home. I started to worry more when it arrived in our state. Then Trump declared a national emergency. After that I didn’t allow Zoey to go back to school. I didn’t want to risk it. We were keeping minimal contact with my parents because they are both immunocompromised. I was immunocompromised. And I didn’t know if the kids were too young to avoid any complications with the virus. My husband was still going to work and most people at his company were already staying home because of the virus. Then eventually they sent all non-essential personnel home. I am fortunate that my husband was able to stay home. It was comforting to know that he wasn’t out there risking his life.

When the virus hit home, it became clearer to me how it could affect people’s relationships with each other. For us it was just more frustration because we couldn’t leave the house. The kids more antsy because they couldn’t play with their cousins and friends. I was getting more frustrated and easily annoyed at little things the kids did. No one was going to school at this point. With no school, Zoey was “misbehaving” more because she couldn’t be outside like before. Many other kids are being homeschooled which is pretty challenging especially for families where both parents work. Relationships at home are being strained and not just with their children. Some couples are struggling being with each other 24/7 and just don’t know if they want to be with their significant other anymore. Others have apparently turned to drink more than usual. Many posts, some joking, are about how they could get wine delivered, when really they should be saving their alcohol money for other things. People keep posting memes complaining about being with their kids for so much at a time during the day. And others struggle with loneliness and wish they had someone at home with them. We all have our struggles and this virus is testing us. Some have turned to hate. Comments about Asians having to go back home to their own country and blaming Asians for the virus spread throughout the world. It really affected me the way people were acting. When I had to go to a doctor’s appointment in March, it was the only time I felt out of place. I was the only Asian person in the waiting room. I was afraid to cough. Even though no one said anything to me, my thoughts wandered to comments other people have been saying online. Instead of being supportive of one another, some have turned to hatred and blame. We should turn to hope. Hope that this virus doesn’t take too many more lives that it already has. Blaming other people is not helping anyone.

I’m just wondering how we are going to get back to go back to “normal.” A news article I read stated that we would probably have to go back to a new “normal.” Not the normal we had before Covid-19. I feel that people are going to be much more conscious about cleanliness and the spreading of microbes. It is a hope that I have for people to spend more time with their families more. I think for those who have taken advantage of family and friend time, this virus has taught them to value those times even more. I, for one, get lazy to take the kids outside during the weekdays. There were the occasional mommy and me dates that I went to. But usually I stayed home with them. I was grateful that Zoey had school so she could go play with her friends. Now that we can’t go out, I try to take the kids out for walks, to draw outside with chalk or to play with bubbles.

So it’s now May. We are still in this. At the is time our stay-at-home order is until June 4. Business are beginning to open again and I just don’t know when I’ll be comfortable enough to go out again. Right now my husband is the one going out getting groceries. The only time I have been out was when I had to go to a doctor’s appointment. We even decided to pull Zoey from school this next school year because people are still dying from the virus and we don’t have an effective vaccine yet. I hope that in time, things will really start to get better. I hope that soon we will be able to hug our families again without the fear of catching something or spreading the virus to them.

This is how quarantine is like for me How is it for you? Feel free to comment down below. Stay safe everyone!

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