Kid Shows That Won’t Drive You Crazy

There are those shows that your kids watch that are just too loud. And, of course, this is all depends on the person who is watching the show. For me the show that just drives me crazy is Dora. It’s a great show, she’s just too loud sometimes. I won’t let my kids watch it. Below I will list shows that are both educational and will allow you to keep your sanity (I hope :)) Most of the shows mentioned will be on Netflix. We don’t have cable so my kids watch on the Xbox. Here we go…

Puffin Rock

Currently on it’s second season, this show revolves around a young puffin named Oona and her little brother, Baba. They live on Puffin Island near Ireland. There is even a movie to be release in the Spring of 2021.

True and The Rainbow Kingdom

This cute show is about True and her best friend Bartleby. They go around Rainbow Kingdom helping others and learning important life lessons. It’s bright a colorful and also includes songs in some of the episodes. My daughter fell in love with this show and she even dressed up as True for Halloween last year.


This preschool show is about a 4 year old named Pocoyo and his friends, Pato, Elly and Loula. It’s cute and originally in Spanish. The original videos were 7 minutes long but now expanded to 30 minute shows. This show is all about discovery, friendship and imagination. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.


This is about a preschool boy who makes sense of his surroundings through his drawings. I really like this because it fosters creativity and gives my daughter ways to cope with the confusion that toddlers sometimes face in life.

Song of the Sea

This isn’t a show but I thought it would be nice to include it here in this list. It is a story based Scottish mythology about selkies. Selkies can change from seals to humans. It starts with a family (Conor, Bronagh, Ben and Saoirse) who live in a lighthouse. Bronagh is pregnant with a girl and she appears to have died from childbirth. The death in the family causes a rift in the family, especially between Ben and Saoirse. It is a beautiful tale of forgiveness, family and tradition.


This new superhero show it cute and full of life lessons. It’s about a girl named Zoey who become the superhero named, Starbeam. Her mother is also a superhero (Wonderbeam) and they superhero adventures together to save the day.

So that’s the list. Let me know if there are any shows you would recommend and what you don’t. Comment below or message me!

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