Bullet Journaling

I jumped on the bullet journal band wagon a couple of years ago. It took a while and a ton of videos to convince me to start one. I loved how beautiful everyone’s journals were and how much you can really make it your own. I use to buy agendas from the store or online but they just weren’t want I wanted. I never really referred to them for everything. There was always something I didn’t like about them or didn’t use. At first I didn’t commit all the way and used an old, barely used sketch book for a journal. It wasn’t perfect but it was a learning experience and a fun one too. It got me drawing again which I really wanted to do. It was a completely therapeutic experience that I wanted to repeat. I’ve always wanted to get back into drawing a doodling but I never go around to it. With 2 kids in the house, it was really hard to get back into my hobbies. Many times I would have to wait until one of them was napping or until bedtime to do something for myself.

So after making a sketch book into a bullet journal, I wanted to improve the look of it. I decided to scour the internet for one that would fit my needs. I wanted my journal to look cleaner and more polished so I went for a dotted journal.

I bought a Leuchtturm 1917 journal which was what many people use. It had nice pages and a lot of them (251). I am a minimalist when it comes to bullet journalling. I don’t do the habit trackers, budget trackers, gratitude pages and all of that stuff. I just wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. Maybe one day I will but right now I am sticking with the basics which is a title page for each year and month, a monthly spread and a weekly spread.

It is a bit daunting starting a bullet journal with all the supplies others use and all the amazing art work people put into it. That’s what deterred me at the beginning. But really, all you need is a book and a pen. I am a bit of a pen and marker addict so I already had those at my disposal. I also had washi tape so I didn’t need to get anything more…even though it is really tempting to get more 🙂 Since I like drawing, I drew everything in my bullet journal. It’s just really relaxing and it gets me excited to use it because I made it myself.

Many of the ideas I used on my bullet journal are from Pinterest pins. If you are stuck, look there first. There are so many options, tips and tricks. YouTube also helps. I have been watching AmandaRachLee on YouTube for inspiration.

My bullet journal style is the hand drawn look. I don’t use rulers. There are times when I make a mistake and I just use some washi tape to cover it up. Those are usually when I am not concentrating or watching Netflix. So for optimal bullet journalling, find a quiet space, get a drink (coffee, tea, wine…) and start. There’s nothing much to it. It really has gotten me using a schedule book a lot more and it has also made me more creative. I’m planning on passing this onto my kids when they are older. Not sure if my son will be into it, but my daughter will probably like doing this with me. It’s a nice tradition to start with my kids. A good way to spend time together and to get organized together.

Have you guys started one? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow, really nice spreads! I love bullet journaling! I haven’t done it much recently, but I’m thinking of getting out my bujo again.


  2. Ugh I want to so much!


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