Filipino Dramas on Netflix

I’m always in the mood for a good Filipino drama. I love how there are so many of them on Netflix now. They included several good titles just a couple months ago. There are those that are very, very bad and super cheesy. Those are always fun to watch when bored, but there are those that have better content and better actors.

The ones I would recommend are, Four Sisters and a Wedding, Seven Sundays, Everything about Her, That Thing Called Tadhana, A Second Chance and The Mistress. My Ex & Whys and The Breakup Playlist are also alright but not as good as the others. I try to avoid any romcoms with Sarah Geronimo in it because they are heavy with the cheese and there is a lot of overacting (not a fan of that). Four Sisters and a Wedding and Seven Sundays always make me cry. They contain themes on family and I’m a sucker for those kinds of movies. Watching these always makes me feel closer to the motherland. I really miss the Philippines and I want to go back there some day with my family. But for now these movies are enough before I get there.

I hope you guys are enjoying your fill of Filipino dramas. Which ones are your favorites? Which ones would you recommend?

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