Review: Crazy Rich Asians

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie ever since it came out. When we saw the previews in the theater, it seemed crazy (lol) and I didn’t think it was going to be that great. I mean, there aren’t that many good Asian movies out there. What would make me think otherwise? Honestly, I felt embarrassed when the trailer was playing in the theater. I wanted to hide so people wouldn’t notice that I was Asian too. Then I started hearing about how good this movie was. Non-Asians were saying it was good. So it had to be right?

Since having two small kids, it is hard for us to go out to the movies nowadays. So we waited until it was available on Netflix for rent. I was so excited when we got it in the mail today. We watched it right away! 

Seeing this brought me into the outrageous and amazingly crazy rich life of wealthy people. You have no idea how much money is wasted on rare and unusual items. The parties the have are insane. I wondered whether this is really what rich people did in real life. Apparently it is not too far away from the truth. A simple Google search led me to this interesting article comparing movie and real life: How real is Crazy Rich Asians’ portrayal of the crazy rich in Singapore?

We really enjoyed the movie!! I don’t want to spoil this movie for those who haven’t seen it. The movie is basically about a rich guy who fell in love with an ordinary girl. The main characters, Rachel and Nick, are likable. I can’t say that I identify with Rachel, because I wasn’t born in America. I did identify a little with Nick’s mother, in that I tend to be a snobby Asian. There is this dividing line between Asians and Asian Americans that people who aren’t Asian don’t see. It isn’t typically explained or shown in movies. This movie illustrates it so beautifully. So, Nick brings Rachel home to Singapore to meet his family. Rachel doesn’t know that Nick is rich and she finds out just how much when she gets there. 

I just love how so many Asian actors are in this film. They literally corralled every Asian talent and stuck them in a movie. It’s great and I haven’t seen this done in a movie that I enjoyed watching. It is a step forward for the Asian community and it is fantastic that they have gone this far. Whenever I see a movie with an Asian actor, they are either a supporting character who is about to be killed off or a character they haven’t bothered developing. Most of the Asian actors I have seen are in Canadian shows/movies. American movies/shows don’t tend to have Asian leads. That’s the main reason why this movie is so beloved by the Asian community. Not everyone can relate to all the characters, but this feels like our movie because we identify with the Asian culture. Now if only they would make an Asian movie here in America with a Filipino as the lead…but that’s just wishful thinking. There are those who complain that this movie does not represent all Asian cultures but would the movie/story have made sense then? It is impossible to please everyone and maybe this movie is the gateway for more Asian films. Who knows? Let’s just sit back and enjoy the show.

What did you think of the movie? Did you like it? Comment down below!

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