Review: Stranger Things

This show is unique because it is a show adults can enjoy that has kids as its main characters. Stranger Things has a good balance of drama and it is not too childish for adults. We love this show and binge watched both seasons. We just wish there were more episodes per season. This is a typical trend for Netflix Original shows.

When I first saw this, I did not think that it was going to be as amazing as it turned out to be. Since there were kids in it, I thought it was going to have corny lines and mediocre acting from the kids. Boy was I wrong! This show is one of my favorite shows of all time. It combines sci-fi and horror into one fantastic show. I am a sucker for a good horror show/movie. It is not really scary, but it is in the horror genre. 

This show starts with a group of friends, Dustin, Will, Mike and Lucas, who are playing Dungeons and Dragons. When they finish the game, they all go home and Will disappears. As they all mourn the loss of their friend, there is a girl named Eleven who escapes a CIA facility. These two incidents are somehow related and the first season is all about finding Will. The second season continues where season 1 left off. I don’t want to reveal too much about the show for those who haven’t seen it because it is really a phenomenal show to watch. It you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

It has a themes of friendship and bravery. The show gets scarier as it progresses. Season 2 is more intense than the first. As I have mentioned before, the acting in this show is great. The story is so well written. I cannot get enough of this show. I have seen it five or more times already. It is the fight of good versus evil that hooks viewers. The sci-fi aspect of the show also grabs your attention. There have been a ton of shows lately that have characters with powers. This one is more unique because it involves younger kids. There is also a coming of age theme hidden underneath all of this.

So if you haven’t seen this already, what are you waiting for! It is a great show and we cannot wait to see Season 3 which is coming out next year. The teaser trailer for Season 3 already came out. It doesn’t really reveal anything except for a new mall in Hawkins named Starcourt Mall.

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