What I Learned From Baby #1

With the first child, creating a baby registry can be daunting. When we created ours, we put everything imaginable on it. It’s hard to tell what you really need before you have a baby. We put too many newborn clothes than we needed. Babies grow out of newborn clothes very easily and before you know it, they’ll be too big for them. The same goes with newborn diapers. Here’s a list of things I have found to be useful and are worth the investment (among other necessities).

1. Diaper Pail
There was a list I had found online that said that diaper pails were useless. I completely disagree. Throwing out diapers in the regular trash makes the whole place stink. Now, one could make the argument that we could take the trash outside. This is still not ideal because it could be freezing outside or it could be pouring with rain. Also, with a newborn baby and the amount of poop that comes out of them when they are born, you’re not going to want to go outside multiple times just to take out a soiled diaper. And if you live in the city, the trash is even further away from your door. Diaper pails are a must. There are ones that are inexpensive: Diaper Genie.

2. Baby Bath Support
These things are a lifesaver when it comes to baths. I remember when we were on vacation and I tried to wash our son in the sink. I was so afraid that I was going to drop him on the floor or into the sink. I was thankful that I had a baby bath support at home. This may seem unnecessary, but try washing an infant with none or minimal neck control. The baby bath support provides, just like it’s name says, support for the baby. The one I got from my parents is soft and it is big enough to support up to about 4 months. My son is short, so probably about 3 months for some babies. This is the one I used for both of our kids: Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub.

3. Toddler Rocker
This is really useful when I have to leave the room for a little to go to the bathroom. I used to put our daughter in this when I had to take a shower really quickly. This chair entertains kids because it has a vibrate feature and there are dangling toys above for them to play with. Here is what we used: Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker.

4. Books
Even before our daughter started talking, we read her books. There are those books that are must haves and there are those that are hidden gems. Here are my favorites: a. Z is for Zombies; b. House in the Night; c. Guess How Much I Love You; d. ABCs of Science.

5. Nasal Aspirator
At first I thought these snot suckers were gross. I decided to try it once and they are so much better than those bulb syringe. The one we use isn’t on sale anymore on Amazon but here is an alternative: NoseFrida. You can take these apart and clean them. You can’t clean most bulbs. Also, bulb syringes do not have good suction.

6. Baby Monitor
This might not be necessary for some but we find this very helpful. It gives us peace of mind. The one we use for our kids is the Infant Optics DXR-8.

7. Arm and Hammer Poop Bags
These are a must when traveling or when you are in someone else’s home. It’s super awkward when you have a poopy diaper and nowhere to put it. These bags have a nice lavender scent and they are a good size for poopy messes. Here is where you could get them: Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bags.

8. Burp Cloths and Large Bibs
You can never have too many burp cloths. With our daughter, we used them often but with our son, we use them a lot. He spits up more so I purchased more of them. The bibs are a huge help too. I put bibs on him all the time because I never know when he will spit up. I don’t want his clothes to get wet because wet clothes on skin is not a good thing. The Burt’s Bees burp cloths are great because they are nice and thick so you can flip them over and use the other side. We use the Little Unicorn Bibs and they’re great because they are thick and large. There are so many little bibs out there that don’t protect baby’s clothes much. The large bibs cover a much bigger area.

9. Breast Pump
Some of you might not need this but for people like me (the one’s who can’t produce that much milk) it is necessary for the first few months. I didn’t have to purchase mine. I was told that I could get a free one through my insurance. And if you broke the one you have and you are expecting, your insurance just might send you another. I mentioned at our son’s doctor’s appointment that mine fell on the ground and might not be working as it should. They contacted the insurance company for me and I was able to get another one for free. This is the one I use that can be purchased on Amazon: Medela Breast Pump.

10. Diaper Backpack
Diaper bags are really helpful when you need to carry a million things with you. It also helps when there is space in the bag dedicated for your own stuff. The diaper bag we used when our daughter was born was this: Skip Hop Duo. When she got older we upgraded to a backpack. It was so much easier getting around and moving around with this bag. And it also freed up my hands to hold her. The Obersee Diaper Bag is great. It even comes with a cooler you can clip to the front. It has lots of space inside. There are many compartments for baby’s/toddler’s things. There is a mesh section inside that you can use for dirty clothes but we just use it for extra clothes. You know how dirty kids can get sometimes. You really need to bring extra clothes. There is a side pocket for pacifiers and one for drinks. There is even space in the main pocket for a medium sized laptop or a tablet (we just use this for changing pads). The small pocket in the front also has mesh areas where I store their diapers.

11. Baby Carrier
I have used 3 types of baby carriers but the one I found that worked for me was the Baby Beco Gemini. It is not the cheapest baby item out there but it is very convenient when you are walking around in muddy places. We went to a farm event and it was muddy everywhere. I did not want to take the stroller and bring mud into the car. The Baby Beco is comfortable to wear and it provides great support for baby too.

12. Kid Safe Toys
There are so many toys out there that are marketed for children but not all of them are safe. Even the beloved Melissa and Doug brand has skeletons in their closet. A few of their toys have been found to have too much barium in their paints. There are other safe brands such as HABA, HaPe, Plan Toys, Uncle Goose, and Bannor Toys.

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