Review: Avengers Infinity Wars

When this came out, I was still pregnant with our son. We could not wait to see this movie. It definitely lived up to the hype. Every Marvel hero was in this movie. That was one of the main reasons why I loved it. Putting all of these heroes in the same movie was so epic. The battle scenes were great and seeing the different Marvel heroes’ personalities interact with each other was hilarious. I simply love the writing in these recent Marvel movies. The humor fits in nicely with the stories they have for each character. 

When I saw this movie, I was not aware that there was a second movie. So you can imagine, those of you who have seen it, how shocked I was when it ended. Good this there’s a second movie coming out! It would be a shame if that’s how it ended.

The only thing I heard about the second movie is that Captain Marvel will be appearing as a new hero. I would be curious to see how she fits in with everyone else, since we have seen the older Marvel heroes develop with each other in previous movies. I would also love to see a series of movies come out of this because who doesn’t love new superheroes! How powerful is Captain Marvel? From my minimal research, she seems to be as strong as Superman but without the heat vision and x-ray vision.

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