Review: Wonder Woman

I’ve never really been a Wonder Woman fan. I haven’t seen any of the old films and I didn’t read the comics. This movie, however, made me a Wonder Woman fan. I did a bit of research about the comic book character and developed a newfound love for this heroine. If you guys haven’t read the comics, Wonder Woman has a long history and was created in response to need for a female voice in the comic book world. Comics back then were dominated by male superheros and those stories had violence against women. It was time for a hero that represented women who didn’t promote violence. This was also during the time when women enlisted in the army. Wonder Woman was meant to support women’s strength and beauty. She is an icon for all women and showed that women can be self reliant.

Wonder Woman was created by psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston. Her story starts with the origins of the Amazons. These women were kept captive in Greece and escaped to create their own community on Paradise Island. They apparently ruled over men and only used them to mate with.

The movie was amazing visually, which allowed me to completely immerse myself into their world. The acting was great and Gal Gadot did an awesome job as Wonder Woman. The story was a good mixture of drama and action. The fight scenes were outstanding and beautifully shot. The were a lot of action scenes which is always a plus.

I cannot wait to see more as Wonder Woman returns to the big screen in 2020. That’s it for this quick review. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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