Review: Codex Enigmatum

I had the pleasure of reviewing Journal 29 last year. I really enjoyed the puzzles and it was a great way to exercise my brain. This year, there is a new book called Codex Enigmatum. It was created by Rami Hansenne. The book has 63 puzzles that are pretty challenging. There are hints in the back of the book if you get stumped. I got stumped quite a lot actually. I don’t know if it was my mommy brain of if I’m just rusty. It is definitely refreshing to play a game like this because it is a game that doesn’t require any electronics.


This book has awesome images that are detailed and help immerse you into the game. I love how the puzzles are related to each other which requires the player to solve all the puzzles before finishing the game. I highly recommend this book for gamers who love brain teasers!

If you are interested in supporting this book, here is the Kickstarter page: Codex Enigmatum!

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