Here we go again

We have some exciting news to share that I haven’t even posted on my Facebook page yet. It will come to no surprise to some of you that we are expecting again!! We tried for about a year and it has been a stressful and emotional journey for me. At some point I was wondering if there was something I wasn’t doing or if I was getting too old. I am currently 33 years old. My OB told me that if after one year of trying I’m still not pregnant, then I could be infertile. I was crushed when my doctor said that. We were even prepared to go in and have a blood test done to determine if I really was unable to conceive again. That just stressed me out even more. And you know what doesn’t help when trying to have a baby? Stress!

I am an avid forum reader. I look everything up. I was reading online that I should just not focus so much on it and maybe just accept, that at this moment, I can’t get pregnant yet. I started thinking of ways to occupy my time. I even told others that I was giving away some of Zoey’s old baby things. I had read that other moms were being told they were infertile and still conceived.

And then it happened.

It was like our prayers were answered and God was just telling me to wait. I have been so impatient and constantly worrying. It was hard for me to let go of this control I thought I had over my own life. I should have just let go and let God handle it. And so it was like an early Christmas present for us. Just like with my first pregnancy, I waited three months to tell anyone.

Taking care of a small toddler while pregnant is not as hard as I thought, especially in the first trimester. It gets harder when you are further along. With the joint paints I got, it was hard to keep up with Zoey. There are differences between my second pregnancy and my first. I am experienceling more dry skin with this one and this baby doesn’t have hiccups as often. This baby moves a lot more too. With both pregnancies I didn’t have morning sickness which I was very thankful for. I also still have reflux. I definitely tried not to gain so much weight this second time around. I’m eating more salads and less rice. I am also drinking a lot more water and fluids in general. With Zoey I got swollen everywhere and my blood pressure was higher. With this baby my blood pressure is normal and I have no swelling. I have not had any varicose veins either, which is great.

I feel bad that I have not been able to do as much with Zoey now that I am in the 3rd trimester. My joint pains prevent me from running after her like I used to be able to. And I have also been feeling so tired. So I thought that we should have a maternity photoshoot with her. I wanted her to have these memories with her and I thought that she would have fun as well. We didn’t get around to having a photoshoot with her when she turned one like we wanted to. I found our photographer through a Facebook recommendation on a Mommy page. I’m so glad we found her because she was a delight to work with and she was great with Zoey. We chose a nature preserve and it was gorgeous out there. Weeks before the shoot I stalked my weather app to see if it was going to rain that day. It has been raining so much lately. I was paranoid about the rain so I moved our appointment an hour earlier. It was definitely humid that day but it didn’t rain. Thank goodness!!

We ended up getting amazing pictures. I’m still waiting for the rest of the pictures to be done but the 11 we got so far were great. I would really recommend a photoshoot if you are pregnant. It is such a special time with your family and pictures like these are great for Shutterfly books and prints.

So anyway, that was quite a long post to just simply say that we are expecting again. 😁 I will try to post more updates in the future. Also, not sure if I mentioned it at all in this post but can you guys guess what we are having? Boy or girl in the comments!

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