More Filipino Stories…

I had the privilege of reviewing two books from Sari-Sari Storybooks. I received these from Christina Newhard, the author of these books. It’s refreshing to see stories written in Filipino dialects because we don’t see enough of these in our local bookstores. Living in an area without many Filipinos or any at all, makes it hard to find a store that sells foreign books for kids. Both of these books are written in a different dialect and translated into English. These books teach us about the different regions of the Philippines. Many of us who have moved to the United States at a young age or were born in the States, long for a connection to our motherland. I really want to pass on Filipino culture and tradition to my daughter and future children. Books are a great way to do that. Newhard’s books also helps me get to know my birth country better. I’ve always known that there were a ton of different regions within the Philippines but these books allow me to immerse myself in each of these places.

Amina and the City of Flowers is written in Chavacano and Kalipay and the Tiniest Tiktik in Cebuano. The artistry is amazing and fitting to their respective stories. They are bold, colorful and lively. The stories perfectly illustrate each region and teach us so much about the Philippines.

My daughter loves these books and she was instantly drawn to the illustrations on the covers. She loves books and I plan on reading giving more Filipino books like these. They are a great addition to any collection! If you would like to purchase these books please click here: Sari-Sari Storybooks.

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