Review: B is for Brains

B is for Brains, written by Ellie Sutton and Matt Page is an amazingly hilarious take on ABCs for kids. I got a kick out of reading about zombies in a children’s book. It’s amazing how there are so many versions on such a simple topic. People really have gotten creative with it. B is for Brains is fantastic because I love anything zombie.


I like that each word has something to do with the zombie apocalypse. Also, each word explains something about zombies which is awesome. I love this book and even though my daughter doesn’t understand it now, I know that she will love it when she is older.

The artwork is great because each page is like an action scene from a zombie movie. It even explains what you should do to survive. I recommend this book to anyone who is a zombie fan. It’s a great addition to my daughter’s book collection and I’m glad I can across such an awesome book.

Purchase this on Amazon here: B is for Brains.

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