Review: The Patchwork Girl

I came across The Patchwork Girl on Kickstarter. It was successfully funded in 2014. The Patchwork Girl is a series of stories by Hasani Walker. The story starts with a doll who is brought to life by three dragonflies. When she awakens she embarks on a journey to find out who she is and why she was chosen. The books promote a sense of wonder and imagination. It allows children to imagine what it would be like to explore the world. I enjoyed the artwork and the whimsical characters.

Patchwork tangled (1).jpg

The story is sweet and I love the adventure. I also appreciate the character being a girl. A lot of adventure stories out there are about boys. Even the baby books have boys as their main character. I had a hard time finding books for my daughter. It’s hard enough finding books about Asians, I’d rather not have trouble looking for books with female leads in them. I like how this one has a girl who isn’t afraid of taking chances and having great big adventures.


I would definitely recommend this to any parent looking to buy books for their child. Here’s the link to Hasani’s website if you’re interested: The Patchwork Girl.

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  1. Love that dragonfly!


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